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3365 Sugar Mill Road
Augusta, GA 30907

Ph: 706-855-0384

In 2008, Dixie DockDogs began with only four official members and a determination to bring DockDogs to the South. The club membership quickly grew as interest in the sport of dock diving spread all across Georgia and surrounding states. By 2009 Dixie Dock Dogs hosted their first event in Milledgeville, a small town in the middle of the state. That first event, The Fishing Creek Outfitters Throwdown, was a huge success for both the community and Dixie Dock Dogs. Before long, the club's reputation to stage fun, successful events spread, and the club was hosting dock diving events not only all over Georgia, but also in Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

With a commitment to having fun with your dogs, Dixie Dock Dogs members include folk from all walks of life. A strong Youth Handler program is a main component of the club's activities, as it is not unusual to see young people both on the dock jumping their dogs, as well as helping out around the event venue where needed. Under the leadership of a strong board of officers, Dixie Dock Dogs continues to grow in numbers, fulfilling their original goal of bringing DockDogs to the South. With each event, the club lives up to their slogan that Dixie Dock Dogs is "Where the Big Dawgs Play!"

Benefits of membership in Dixie Dock Dogs are as follows

  • Practice with members at Dixie Dock Dogs practice docks
  • Free Dixie Dock Dogs T-shirt
  • Opportunity to earn Dixie Dollars by helping at club events
  • Use of Dixie Dollars for practice fees, club event wave fees, club membership dues, or DDD apparel purchase at events
  • End-of-year Awards banquet
  • Fun Jumps
  • Inclusion on Dixie Dock Dogs club conference calls

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